Spotify Invitation Code

It is understandable why everybody wants access to Spotify and due to the limited number of invitations many people are looking for a way to access the service.

Spotify can only be currently accessed in the following countries: Uk, Sweden, finland, Norway, France and Spain. If you are outside of these countries and you have access to an invite then you would need to use a VPN service or a proxy like:

There used to be a loophole where you could simply visit, sadly as of 18th Jan 2010 this is no longer working and you now need to provide an invitation code.

Here are a few invitation codes for you to use, we will update them periodically but they will not last long.

  1. pj8HBVT7GSf5NAYW
  2. 79SpYWDegPAkzZSt
  3. BqsZWi8qxsRJu4f6

Here at we have a limited number of invites available for our readers, add your name and email to the comment section below and tell us why you would like an invite. If you have invites that you want to share then please share them with users below and allow them access to the great service you are rec

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